Thursday, February 21, 2008

BBC (up)staged Guerrilla Geography?

We're having a crack at taking over a stage on the new BBC 3 programme upstaged. We're focusing on recruiting 2 million people to be more friendly to each other on journeys and generally around the place, but we'll also be getting up to some good psychogeography guerrilla fun. We'd be delighted to here your ideas and even more delighted if you would sign into the Upstaged website, become our fan, vote for our video and get us unto the show!'re+going+to+change+Britain.

If you're a geographer and have something to bring to the stage do let us know at We need geographers to go out and do some urban exploration, attempt to be friendly to the public and speak to us about why it is that some places in the country are just so much more friendly than others....

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