Saturday, August 25, 2007

Geography is all about..........

"Geography is all about countries, capital cities and flags." That quote is a comment that I hear on a regular basis from colleagues, family and parents. It saddens me to know that the majority of the population of our country still hold the belief that geography has not changed since the 1960's and 70's. It saddens me even more that people do not realise how much influence geography has on their day to day lives. That's why being a Guerrilla Geographer excites me, it gives us an opportunity to show people what modern geography is all about and how it does influence us all daily.

To me Guerrilla Geography Day 1 was not about campaigning against CCTV. In fact I'm in favour of CCTV, I'm pleased that there are three cameras that cover my car parking space at home! I believe that if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear from CCTV. However, CCTV is an important Geographic issue.

Whilst out in Birmingham on Guerrilla Geography Day 1 alot of people posed the question "Why is CCTV anything to do with Geography?" To me, as a geographer, that answer is a simple one. Geography is a about space and place and CCTV controls space, affects how people feel in space and affects how people behave in space. For example I feel that my car is safer if parked in a space with CCTV and therefore, if given a choice, I will park in a place with CCTV coverage. Thats just one example of how CCTV affects how I feel and behave in different spaces!

Im now very much looking forward to Guerrilla Geography Day 2 and using the event to educate more people about what modern Geography is and how it is relevent to our day to day lives.

So....... calling all Geograpy Teachers, Students, Graduates and other Geographers join in with day 2 and maybe we can do something even more radical for day 3!

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