Monday, August 27, 2007

Guerrilla Geography: Day 2, London CCTV


The next Guerrilla Geography event is going to be based on our fun in Birmingham. While the focus is on London this time, we want as many mirror events to take place across the world as possible. If you can't make it to London but want to be a part of this event, just set up your own Guerrilla Geography CCTV event. Mirror events in Sydney (Australia), Tallinn (Estonia) and Manchester (UK's north) are already on the cards.

If you are outside of the UK and want to join in contact us so that we can post your event on our Facebook page and this blog.

Here are the details of the London event so far:

After the success of the first Guerrilla Geography Day (focusing on CCTV in Birmingham and recieved attention from local TV and radio) we're now looking for geographers (University Students, Teachers, Academics, Professionals, Geography Lovers...) to getting people 'thinking geographically' across Central London with a focus on Oxford Street. This time we want the London and national media to sit up , think geographically and recognise the field as it should do.

Direct (public geographical education) Action

Time & Place: Saturday 20th October between 13:00 and 17:00 in Central London.

Aim: To challenge the public’s spatial awareness of “hidden” geographies.

Objective: For the public(s) to see the world differently.

Method: Invading (personal, social, commercial, security etc.) space dressed as on-foot ‘CCTV’. The cameras will be held by guerrilla geographers who will be wearing boiler suits with the words ‘Official Geographic CCTV Unit. Give Geography its Place.’ on them.

Kit you need: Empty CCTV housing (bigger the better with cable to go into backpack), White disposable boiler suit (as found at B&Q and Homebase), bright backpack (ideally red), dark shoes/trainers, adhesive letters to fix onto CCTV housing as on the website.

Kit supplied: GGTV ID Badge, Guerrilla Geography Stickers (London Event Only)


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